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Grant Taylor, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Hard to fathom how growing up part time on a ranch led to becoming a Grammy nominated singer & songwriter, a producer, a vocal coach, a director and an actor. Feeding chickens, raising livestock, milking cows, and so on, made Grant appreciate putting in a good days work. He climbed on the back of a pony at 5 and never got off a horse far into adulthood. 

Right about now you’re asking yourself, what has this got to do with a short bio about Grant. Well, he says he can’t remember a time when he didn’t sing, and has continued to sing and perform to this day. Church choir, of course, was a challenge as Grant only liked the solo parts but he did his best anyway.

Musicals in high school segued into a brief stint with an opera coach in college. About six months in, Grant was told he had the golden mask. He didn’t know what that meant but he did know that opera was not a lot of fun.

He packed up and joined a rock band which was totally free and high energy work. Working along with Huey Lewis, Y&T, Santana and others in small clubs around the bay allowed him to pay his dues and learn his craft. Grant wrote some songs for the bands as he went along but the constant turnover of band members finally got to him.

He took his first steps as a solo artist, hired the musicians and started writing and recording his own material. His first solo album, “The Journey”, gained traction and VooDoo Boy climbed to number 13 on the charts. It was played 35 times a week on one radio station in Hawaii and they actually named a bar in Honolulu after the song.

Grant started to widen his horizons after this album and tour were done. He composed, wrote and co-wrote songs for other artists as well as produced albums, as well as stage and television.

A while back Grant sang with Patti LaBelle at the 2019 at Rock the Casa, Contra Costa’s annual fundraiser for Children in Need. Now that was really something!

Right now he is releasing singles from the COVID Chronicles. One take and done during the pandemic.

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